When choosing a medically assisted detox facility for you or your loved one, it’s vital that you do your research and find an accredited and experienced establishment such as Nexstep Medical Detox, near Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s no secret that not all medical facilities are created equal.

While a fair number of these businesses can and do offer compassionate, reliable care to their patients, many more are maintaining business practices that neither benefits the patient or their families.

What Does It Mean To Be Accredited?

Being an accredited treatment facility means that a business has undergone meticulous training, coaching, and auditing by professionals in the medical community. Accredited detox facilities have earned the trust and respect of their peers and colleagues.

In addition to rigorous training, establishments who are accredited by CARF or the Joint Commission are consistently supplied with the current research-based techniques, treatments, and guidelines. This assures that the accredited facility remains at the cutting-edge of reliable, peer-reviewed treatment.

Accreditation comes with a variety of perks, not only for the business itself but for its clients.

  • Insurance Acceptance
  • Up-To-Date Research-Based Training
  • Quality Administration
  • Strict Training Standards
  • Adherence To Current Health & Safety Standards
  • Emergency Drills & Auditing
  • Quality Improvement Activities
  • Continual Improvement & Development

What Makes Accredited Treatment Facility Right For Me?

You, and only you, can decide which medical detox center is the right one for you or your loved one. It is not uncommon to find establishments who can promise an addiction cure overnight, which is simply not a reasonable assertion. Some facilities even employ staff members who have not been adequately educated on the most modern, effective care for their patients.

If you want to give you or your family member the best chance at long-term and sustainable recovery, it is paramount that you look at the bigger picture, rather than just the bottom line. Accredited medical detox facilities like Nexstep Medical Detox come with several distinct advantages.

  • Personalized Client Plans
  • Kind & Compassionate Care
  • Safe Rehabilitation Methods
  • Stringent Policy & Procedure Standards
  • Coordinated Medical Care
  • Protective Environment
  • Medical Stabilization & Medication Administration
  • Confidence In Your Treatment & Treating Staff

Better Detox For A Brighter Future

Nexstep Medical Detox is committed to the care and nurturing of each of our clients. We believe that every person who trusts us with their health and wellness deserves unmatched excellence, as well as the right to be treated with respect, dignity, and honesty.

Our entire staff understands that you are deserving of unwavering support, even if you are not yet able to feel that way about yourself. Our compassionate care coordinators are standing by to assist you on the first step in your journey to getting off drugs or quitting alcohol. Contact us today to start the process!