If you’re currently battling an addiction and are looking for a safe environment to work through your struggles, Nexstep Medical Detox is now offering group therapy services near Salt Lake City, UT. Our sessions are one hour long, take place several times a week, and are facilitated by a professional substance abuse disorder counselor.

Why Choose Group Therapy?

Healing from an addiction can be an emotionally challenging process that can bring up past trauma and painful feelings. It can be extremely beneficial to speak with other people who have had similar experiences as you. Group therapy is an excellent treatment option to explore in addition to private detox and ongoing recovery.

Benefits Of Group Therapy

  • Speak With A Licensed Counselor
  • Talk About Your Struggles In A Safe Environment
  • Learn New Interpersonal Skills
  • Keep Each Other Accountable
  • Reduce Your Risk Of Relapsing

Speak With A Licensed Counselor

Our group therapy sessions are facilitated by a trained Substance Use Disorder Counselor (SUDC). Although an SUDC cannot prescribe medication or provide professional psychotherapy, they can help you identify your triggers, develop strategies to resist cravings, learn new skills, and create healthier habits and coping strategies.
Unlike a regular therapist, our SUDC specializes in helping people who struggle with addictions and can thus provide support that is more closely tailored to your situation.

Talk About Your Struggles In A Safe Environment

One of the most significant benefits of group therapy is that it provides a space to talk openly about your struggles without being judged or criticized. Everyone else in your group is also struggling with an addiction, so they understand your pain better than people who haven’t experienced addiction before.

If you’re considering medically assisted detox, our caring staff are also dedicated to creating a safe, judgment-free environment. In fact, many of the employees at Nexstep Medical Detox have been through the recovery process themselves and are happy to help.

Learn New Interpersonal Skills

Many people turn to substances because they feel alone, misunderstood, or like they cannot connect with other people genuinely. Group therapy can help you communicate and connect with others because it’s a safe space facilitated by a professional counselor. You’ll get lots of practice listening to and understanding others and making sure you feel heard and understood.

You can carry these skills over into other important areas of your life, such as your career and relationships. By creating a deeper sense of fulfillment in your career and interpersonal life, you might even find it easier to stay away from substances in the future.

Keep Each Other Accountable

Another major benefit of group therapy is that it helps you stay accountable. Seeing other people continue to heal and make progress can increase your self-confidence and desire to remain sober. Moreover, our SUDC can teach you new skills and techniques to manage any challenges you may face in remaining sober in the future.

Reduce Your Risk Of Relapsing

Since addiction is often worsened by depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, it can worsen if you feel alone, unloved, stressed out, and judged. The meaningful connections, emotional support, and accountability that group therapy provides can help you address the root causes of the addiction and reduce your risk of relapsing after the detox is over.

Utah Group Therapy & Medical Detox Near Me

At Nexstep Medical Detox in Orem, we strive to create a safe and caring environment for you to detox and receive the psychological support you need to overcome your addiction. Contact us today for more information regarding our group therapy services and start the admissions process.