• This program and the clearly hand-picked collection of staff are nothing short of excellent! Their approach, support, follow-up, constant checking on people as individual's specific needs are so much appreciated. The staff inspires persons who may fear the unknown, almost immediately to a mentality of confidence and assiduity that you can succeed. Their conversation, listening, and sharing of their personal paths of success are inspiring. The comfort and treatment in this place and program is a breath of fresh air. Quite honestly, I actually have found more peace and solace at Nexstep than I have in years. You should be as proud of these people and this program as I am as lucky to have found them.

  • Next step was the perfect place to start my journey in to recovery. They treated me like family and made sure to attend to my every symptom from detoxing. I was very comfortable and felt cared for. It’s a scary process to have to go through and the staff at next step made it manageable. I have been to several detoxification places and this one is by far the best. A BIG thank you to the staff, I just celebrated 1 year of sobriety!

    Abigail Preston
  • I was so scared to detox because I couldn't bear the withdrawals, but Nexstep made it easier than I thought it would be! Great facility and amazing people! They gave me hope and made recovery seem possible. I am now a year and 8 months sober. Recovery isn't always easy, but it's worth more than words can explain!

    Brooke Ortega
  • Nexstep takes it to the next step with Detox Centers. We checked in a young girl who needed the help getting off Alchohol. From the second we got there till her discharge they made her feel confortable. It is a medicak detox so they made her withdrawls easy. They showed true concern and made sure she had a program to get into afterwards. They truly are amazing and provide an "At Home" Enviroment. They staff are all friendly and truly understand what these guys are going through. Love you guys

    Beau Carter
  • I went to next step two times before, both of the times i have gone the staff have been exceptional, they are very friendly and helped me with whatever i needed. they helped me safely and comfortably detox off of the drugs and were concerned about my safety. They make sure everybody who comes in has a solid plan to leave and move forward towards their sober life. I have been to a couple other detoxes and they are all horrible compared to this place. hands down the BEST facility i have been to. I recommend anybody looking for detox to look no further than next step, The staff here literally took their time out of there day to take me to an inpatient program to make sure i got there safe . I absolutely love this place. would recommend to anybody looking for a medical detox center!

    Keedan K.
  • I absolutely love this place. They take such good care of every single client. The nurses and techs are very knowledgeable. I would recommend Nextstep to anyone struggling to break out of addiction

    Andrew Adams
  • Love this place and the staff that make it up. It truly is a pinnacle of health and wellness and recovery community. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction problem let Next Step be the first step towards a better life.

    Ian Rader
  • Great facility. Staffed by people who are truly knowledgeable and care. They go above and beyond to ensure their clients have the best chance of success.

    Kevin Thacker
  • Few facilities possess the capacity to blend together the required expertise, awareness and often elusive, competent caring staff to address the unique needs of those vulnerable individuals seeking detoxification services--Nextstep Medical Detox is one such facility. As a consumer and professional, I recommend...without reservation Nextstep for those in need of medical detox.

    Michael Findeis
  • Coming into Nexstep I was broken and scared of what was ahead of me. Within a few minutes of being there I knew I was going to be well taken care of. The staff are some of the most caring people I've ever met. I felt safe and comforted my entire stay. And the entire staff was there to talk when I needed someone to talk to and they help you with an action plan for when you leave for those who want to continue treatment after leaving detox. Going to Nexstep was the best decision I made. I'm still going strong.

    Bryce S.
  • Nexstep was very helpful in coordinating everything for our clients. It was a very easy process that flowed great! One of the best detoxes around.

    Michelle B.
  • Nexstep Medical is a great place! They treated my family great, and many of my clients gave them very high reviews. Also, for anyone that knows what they're talking about knows that their staff is great! They also have a very good report from "The Joint Commission" which is an international branch that accredits medical services. I haven't met one person who has bad things to say about this detox. Great job Nexstep Medical Detox, keep doing what you do!

    Colton A.
  • I am so glad I came to Nexstep Medical. From the moment you enter the staff show compassion and love for each client. They really do care and want what's best for each patient. If you're in that dark place and want to change, the staff here will help you make the changes to live free of addiction.

    Preston C.
  • Nexstep is an amazing place. I have detoxed here twice and both times I had a great experience. I was in a really bad place in my addiction each time, but the staff gave me hope and made me feel very welcome. The staff is amazing and choose to work in this field because they care about helping addicts like me. This is the only place I would ever want to detox at. I love Nexstep, and I know that they have played a huge role in my recovery, helping me remain sober to this day. Thanks to everyone that works there, you guys are amazing!

    Matt E.
  • The patient care here is top notch! The facility is small, but creates a "family feeling." Technicians have relatable experiences that really help. Doctors and nurses are educated and invested in long term sobriety which is the goal of NexStep. Would recommend to anyone in need of detox.

    Sadie L.
  • This is a stable and safe environment to detox. The staff are attentive and willing to do whatever they can to help make the recovery process possible. The best thing about NexStep is that it is not a hospital setting. They make you feel comfortable from the moment you step in the doors. I have already recommended several friends here.

  • I have been to several detox facilities and this one is by far the best! I love ALL of the staff, including Dr. Jean Anne. They were very aware of my needs and made me very comfortable. They accommodated my food allergies and made me feel like I was a real person, not just some junkie like other places have treated me. I would recommend this place to anyone who is really serious about recovering and starting a new life. It's really laid back and they give you all the time you need to rest. I love Nexstep Medical, and I am so glad I gave this place a chance. You will not regret coming here, and honestly, you may never want to leave.

    Jennifer S.
  • I have struggled with addiction for awhile, and detoxed in several different settings. Nexstep Medical Detox is by far the best place to do it. They have helped me two times now, each time managing to make the misery of withdrawal a little less painful. Helpful and encouraging staff combined with good knowledge of medicine and addiction made me feel safe putting my well being in their hands. Not a place I plan on going again obviously, but if I had to I know they would welcome me back and help me figure out my next step.

    Ben A.