Nexstep Staff

At Nexstep Medical Detox, we believe medical stabilization through detox is the beginning of an ongoing recovery process.

Regardless of how our clients arrive at the point of needing medical detox, the common factor is that their substance abuse has reached a critical point where not only their bodies are dependent to the point of needing physical stabilization, but their emotional well-being and social habits are now dependent on their substance of choice as well.

Detox Is Your Entry Point

Because medical detox is the initial entry point in an ongoing journey toward a new way of living through sustainable sobriety, going beyond physical stabilization is a critical component of our program. At Nexstep, we address the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of substance dependency and additionally, we provide each client with personalized discharge planning services to help connect them with the right recovery resources and support to help them achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.

Our 3-Step Process

Step 1: Comprehensive Substance Dependency Assessment

  • Full Medical & Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Detox Protocols Personalized For Each Client
  • Support From Experienced, Caring Staff

Step 2: Personalized Medical Detox Treatment

  • 24-Hour Nursing & 24-Hour Medication Administration
  • Daily Medical Evaluation
  • Exclusive, Intimate Atmosphere With Luxury Amenities
  • Personal Support
  • High Staff Ratio

Step 3: Beyond Detox Recovery Planning: Taking the Nexstep

  • Personalized Discharge Planning To Promote Long-Term Recovery
  • Medical Protocols Customized For All Referring Facilities
  • Daily Updates & Ongoing Communication With Referring Facility
  • Recovery-Ready Coaching & Resources

Call Nexstep at (801) 420-0089 for a detox treatment plan and tools for obtaining and maintaining long-term sobriety.