Before you choose a facility, at Nexstep Medical Detox in Orem, Utah, we want to let you know what sets us apart and how to know you are getting the best care available to you from the start. You’re ready to take the first step towards addiction recovery, but you have questions. How do I choose the right detox? What’s the best detox program for me in the Salt Lake City area?

Signs Of Good Medical Detox Programs

A catchy slogan and a cool web presence don’t account for much when what you really need is safe, reliable, quality medical care. Drug and alcohol detox is serious. You want to be sure the place you count on for help has a proven track record and your best interests in mind.

  • Have they been accredited by a recognized, independent health care organization?
  • How often will you see a licensed medical provider?
  • Will your treatment plan be customized to meet your needs?
  • How long will it take for you to get help in the event of an emergency?
  • What are your payment options and do they take insurance?
  • Is this the new kid on the block or a trusted community facility?

Are They Accredited?

Believe it or not, not all medical assisted detox facilities are accredited. You see an M.D., an N.P., a P.A. or a D.O. trusting that they have been educated, examined, and shown able to provide you with proper healthcare. Why wouldn’t you want the same type of checkup over the place where you receive help with addiction detox?

Safety, Care, Quality & Value

At Nexstep Medical Detox, we are accredited by The Joint Commission. That means we have been reviewed and certified by a nationally recognized organization in our abilities to provide you with the safest and most effective care of both the highest quality and value.

How Will They Keep You Safe?

A neutral environment is a big help when attempting to stop using. But then what? You want to know that you will be safe and cared for the entire time you detox. Does your facility take transportation and customization into consideration? What happens in the event of an emergency?

Customized Care & 24/7 Attention

We know that you are an individual and that your detox plan needs to consider your specific needs. You will see a licensed medical professional daily and have access to nurse care 24/7. All of our staff is trained specifically in methods to get and keep you safe during this vulnerable time.

We also have dedicated drivers to serve you. So, whether you are flying in from out of town or need to get to meetings for addiction support, we have you covered.

Is Insurance Coverage An Option?

Many people want to get better but are afraid of the cost of treatment. Finding out a facility doesn’t take your insurance or any insurance can be heartbreaking. We want to help you get help when you need it. Right now.

Helping You Get The Help You Need, Now

At Nexstep Medical Detox, we are a proud in-network provider for those carrying coverage through Beacon Health and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. We can help you figure out what your insurance will and won’t cover.

We also take cash, provide convenient financing options, and offer a variety of discounts for military, law enforcement personnel, and other first responders. Your addiction treatment shouldn’t have to wait.

Have They Been Serving The Community Long?

Do you know how long your detox facility has been in business? Do they have a good reputation? A new place may have some growing pains to go through, and you might not necessarily want to be a part of someone’s what-not-do learning process.

A Decade Of Solid Service

We have been serving Utah for ten years. Our level of care and dedication to helping everyone who walks through our doors is widely known and trusted. Even once you’re ready to leave us, we communicate and collaborate with your next level of addiction care.

We have affiliations and partnerships with a wide variety of quality recovery centers for this reason. So, you have a place to go and a surer chance for success on your recovery journey.

Experience The Difference In Orem, UT

Call us now at Nexstep Medical Detox to have your questions answered and start the admissions process.
We look forward to bringing you the experience and care you deserve. Why settle for less when the best is just a phone call away?