Meth detox requires a considerable amount of rest and nourishment. At Nexstep Medical Detox, highly skilled meth detox staff monitors each client’s progress with 24/7 monitoring from arrival until departure. Nexstep offers a different kind of detox: detox supported by medical, psychological, behavior treatment and counseling.

The first 30 days of treatment are focused predominately on monitoring and medical support. Once the patient is stabilized, it takes time to resolve the trauma of overcoming methamphetamine addiction. During the first few critical days, pharmaceuticals may be prescribed to stabilize the body through this dangerous period. Minimum treatment includes an additional 60 days of advanced counseling, ongoing medical supervision, and a supportive therapeutic environment.

Withdrawal from Meth is very uncomfortable, and in some cases, life-threatening. Quality treatment in a professional addiction recovery center is required for a safe and effective recovery from this dangerously addictive drug. Nexstep Medical Detox is focused on breaking the cycle of addiction with counseling, behavior modification training and learned emotional life management skills.

If you or someone you love are struggling with any type of medication abuse, call Nexstep Medical Detox at (877) 983-3869 for a detox treatment plan and tools for obtaining and maintaining long-term sobriety.