At Nexstep Medical Detox, we accept TriWest Insurance plans. As a veteran, active military member, or family member, you now have more addiction detox options near Salt Lake City, UT. Sometimes the scars of your service can’t be seen and the trauma can last far longer than a particular term of duty or deployment.

If you have a substance abuse disorder and are ready for help, we’d love to be able to put your healthcare coverage to good use, getting the care you need.

Addiction Insurance For All Branches Of The Military

TriWest Healthcare Alliance is accepted in all 50 states, but who is covered? Believe it or not, you may be covered even if you are no longer on active duty. This range of health insurance plans offers affordable, high-quality coverage to active duty United States military service members, armed forces veterans, retirees, and their families.

If you belong to, or previously served in, the military, you may be eligible for TriWest for addiction detox.

  • Active Members Of The Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps & Coast Guard
  • National Guard & Military Reserves Members
  • Veterans, Retirees & Their Families
  • Members Of The U.S. Public Health Services
  • Members Of The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association

What Types Of Detox Does TriWest Coverage?

Getting off drugs and alcohol doesn’t happen overnight. TriWest is committed to supporting your efforts towards sobriety, from initial detox treatment to ongoing recovery services. Inpatient or outpatient, therapy and medication management — you may have access to discounts, partial coverage, or full cost coverage, depending on your individual plan.

  • Drug & Alcohol Detox
  • Inpatient Rehab — Hospital & Residential
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Psychotherapy
  • Support Groups & 12-Step Programs

How Can You Use Your Behavioral Health Plan Benefits?

The first step towards getting healthy will be to get addictive substances out of your system. TriWest Healthcare Alliance covers detox facility services for all the most common types of addiction.

A Utah Detox That Accepts TriWest

What are you waiting for? A healthier, happier you is within reach with addiction detox through a TriWest addiction detox provider. When you pair Nexstep Medical Detox with your behavioral health insurance coverage, you get access to safety, comfort, and support during withdrawals — one of the most difficult parts of getting clean.

  • Personalized Addiction Detox Plans
  • Nursing Care — Available 24/7
  • Experienced, Supportive, Caring Staff
  • Medical Assessment Visits Daily
  • Withdrawal Management Medications, If Necessary
  • Transportation & Meals
  • A Streamlined Transition To Rehab Or Aftercare

Start Addiction Detox Near Salt Lake

Insurance coverage for substance abuse can be hard to find and even harder to figure out. While your TriWest health plan representative will be the best source for answers about your plan, our intake counselors are here to help you sort out and verify your specific behavioral health coverage.

We want you to get the benefits and level of care you deserve when starting your recovery. Contact us at Nexstep Medical Detox near Salt Lake City, UT, today.