We hear it time and time again. You would pay anything to help your loved one break the chains of addiction. At Nexstep Medical Detox, we are pleased to announce that in an attempt to help make this desire a reality for many more people, we’ve partnered with Beacon Health Options Insurance.

As your Salt Lake City area in-network provider, we can offer you affordable care when you need it.

The Beacon Health Options Difference

Beacon Health Options Insurance is more than just medical coverage. This insurance provider works on its own or in conjunction with many medical insurances to provide the behavioral health and substance abuse treatment options that are needed in today’s environment.

  • Stamp Out Stigma Program In Support Of Mental Health & Addiction Sufferers
  • Clinical Staff Available To Answer Your Questions 365 Days A Year
  • Calls Answered 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week
  • Partnerships With Over 100 External Plans
  • Providing Help To 50 Million People

Using Your Alcohol & Drug Detox Insurance

When you are ready to use your behavioral health or substance abuse service coverage, choose an in-network provider like Nexstep Medical Detox. This way you can be sure that your in or out-patient treatments are covered.

Beacon Health Options alone or in conjunction with your medical plan makes it possible for you to get the help you need.

  • Medical & Psychological Screening & Assessments
  • Required Medications For Your Addiction Treatment
  • Medical Exams & Treatments
  • Inpatient Stays For Rehab
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Medical Detox Programs
  • Therapy Visits

There’s No Need To Wait On Recovery

If you’re ready to leave addiction behind and take your first step on the road to recovery, the time to get help is now. With Beacon Health Options, plans like New York State Empire, Emblem Health, and so many more will cover your medically assisted detox so your first step can be a successful one.

Why Choose Nexstep?

As an in-network provider for Beacon Health Options insurance, we look forward to helping you with medically assisted detox from alcohol and drugs in Utah. Like Beacon, our care revolves around your needs and our services are provided by specialists in the field of addiction treatment.

  • Personalized Detox Plans
  • Nurse Care Available 24/7
  • A Safe, Neutral Environment To Heal In
  • Experienced, Supportive, Caring Staff
  • Addiction Specialist Medical Visits Daily
  • Withdrawal Management Medications When Necessary
  • Transportation From The Airport
  • Convenient, Catered Meals
  • We Set Up Your Transition To Rehab Or Aftercare

Your Utah In-Network Detox Center For Beacon Health

If you’re looking for a detox center in Utah that is covered by Beacon Health insurance, we invite you to contact us now at Nexstep Medical Detox. We’re your in-network provider and reliable source for drug and alcohol detox. We’re happy to be able to serve you in the Orem area, near Salt Lake City, UT.