Deciding to get treatment for substance abuse is an important step on the road to recovery. Nexstep Medical Detox, located just outside Salt Lake City, Utah, helps by assisting you with a medical detox before transferring you to a long-term facility. Before you take time off work, you may debate whether or not to tell your boss about going to rehab. You are doing the right thing by seeking these services, and there are many reasons for you to consider talking to your employer directly about your upcoming plans.

  • Your boss could already suspect your chemical dependency.
  • You will have relief from not keeping your struggles and absence a secret.
  • Honest communication can lead to support from your manager.
  • Your boss may know about resources through the company to help you.
  • Your boss or coworkers can cover for your workload while you’re away.

Your Boss May Already Know

It is likely that your job performance has already been affected by your addiction, and your manager or coworkers may have noticed. The more the addiction escalates, the more signs and symptoms can become apparent to others.

Be Honest

Whether or not your boss knows about your addiction, you display integrity if you are open about it. Your manager may give you additional support through programs like the Employee Assistance Program to get counseling or a referral to a certain detox center or doctor. You can benefit from having the support of your employer for your long-term recovery as well.

Do Your Research

Before you speak to your manager about attending a detox center, look up your company’s drug and alcohol policy. If there isn’t one, then read up on the healthcare policy for sick employees. Most employers have policies to protect employees who seek substance abuse treatment. If you have worked 12 months, then you are allowed to have 12 weeks of unpaid leave for a family or medical reason each year, states the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This act ensures your job will be there when you return.

Taking Care Of Business

If you inform your boss about your addiction treatment, then he or she can make sure your clients and projects won’t fall by the wayside while you are away. You can also delegate work to coworkers before you fly to our detox center.

Get Treatment Underway Today

Substance abuse is treatable. The sooner you call us for a treatment program at Nexstep Medical Detox near Salt Lake City, the sooner you can begin the process of getting healthy and returning to work. Let our experienced medical staff assist you on your healing journey.