At Nexstep Medical Detox in Salt Lake City, Utah, we provide comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals seeking to detox and combat alcohol withdrawals in a safe and supportive environment. We get it and want to help you and those around you understand why this can be such a challenging time. We’re here to let you know that you aren’t alone.

Myths Surrounding Alcohol Use Disorder

It’s hard for people who have never been affected by addiction or alcoholism to understand why this is such a difficult disease to battle. In an attempt to understand what alcoholism is, and how it can affect so many people, a lot of myths and assumptions have been formed surrounding this topic over the years.

  • “I only drink on the weekends. I’m not an alcoholic.”
  • “I have a high alcohol tolerance. I don’t have a problem.”
  • “Drinking to help with chronic pain is no big deal.”
  • “They have a great job. They can’t be an alcoholic.”
  • “I’ve never seen them drink. They can’t have a problem.”
  • “People with drinking problems are all bums.”
  • “He only drinks beer. He can’t be an alcoholic.”
  • “Coffee can sober me up if I drink too much.”
  • “The only way to get better is to hit rock bottom first.”
  • “Willpower alone can stop addiction in its tracks.”

These falsities and fallacies surrounding alcohol addiction and abuse may sound familiar to you. You may have even said or thought some of these things yourself.

What Causes Alcoholism?

There is no cut and dry formula describing what causes alcoholism. If alcohol is causing you problems, you probably have a drinking problem. Sometimes you know you are struggling and are doing your best to keep it a secret. Other times, you feel like the last person to realize that alcohol use disorder is affecting you, your family or other relationships, and your work or school life.

How Do I Recognize Alcohol Addiction?

The CDC defines alcohol abuse as the act of binge drinking, which is four or five drinks during one drinking session. It is also often described as heavy drinking, rather than binge drinking, and that’s eight to 15 drinks per week.

Alcohol abuse can also be recognized by these common warning signs.

  • Inability To Control Your Consumption
  • Drinking Alone Or In Secret
  • Having Cravings & Thinking About Alcohol While Not Drinking
  • Alcohol Becomes The Priority Above Responsibilities
  • Feeling The Need To Drink More / Developing A Tolerance
  • Financial Irresponsibility With Alcohol
  • Behaving Differently During & After Drinking
  • Experiencing Withdrawals When Not Drinking

If left untreated, alcoholism usually leads to uncontrolled addiction and further self-destructive behaviors. Since alcohol is also a carcinogen, excessive use over time can also increase your risk of various cancers, including colon, liver, throat, mouth, and esophagus.

Excessive alcohol use over time can also have devastating effects on the central nervous system.

Take Your Life Back

Getting free of alcohol abuse can come with a variety of withdrawal symptoms. This makes getting clean frightening and even dangerous for some. It’s crucial for those looking to recover from alcohol addiction to remember that they don’t have to go through it alone.

We are here for you when you are ready to begin your journey into a healthy and happy life.

  • Comprehensive Intake Evaluations
  • Constant Medical Assistance
  • 24/7 Compassionate Nursing Staff
  • Monitored Comfort Medication Available
  • Simplified Transitions After Care
  • Sympathetic, Professional Staff
  • Discharge Planning

Safe & Supportive Environment

We do more than just help you get off alcohol and drugs; we strive to maintain professionalism and kindness to every patient who comes to Nexstep. We understand that going through detox is challenging. We’re here to guide you through the beginning of your journey in the safest atmosphere possible.

Get Off Alcohol – Give Us A Call Now

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